During any type of remodeling be it re-roofing, construction within the building or just changing the structure of a building, it is very important to protect the personnel and contractors that work in the facility. Here is a picture of a US Post office where the interior ceiling was contained by the AMAZING! WeProTec crew.

Investing in interior dust control protection is the best way to keep dust and debris out of a building during a re-modeling of a roof or structure. Dust containment includes any item that limits the spread of debris to a single well contained area.

For contractors controlling dust this is a great way to impress customers as well as to save them time and money. Dust control like temporary dust barrier, plastic sheeting, and ceiling covers are effective ways to controlling dust. As a contractor if you use dust control services or products it will help improve customer satisfaction.

Remember! If you need a price quote for interior protection, dust barriers, temporary walls and or shrink wrapping of a roof or building, please call WeProTec for a price quote.