WE PRO TEC provide a range of services and high structure cleaning is one of our additional services especially after a re-roof. WE PRO TEC team members are all experts in all areas of factory, warehouse and industrial cleaning. The combination of high traffic, heavy machinery, airborne particulates and a high volume of waste materials and the buildup of dirt and grind over the years can cause the working environment contain hold a lot of dust and debris. WE PRO TEC uses our extensive technical know-how and years of experience combined with ongoing training in new methods and industrial cleaning systems to ensure your business is clean and clear of dust and is safe to use every day.

A large part of our interior dust and debris protection service is being able to eliminate any dust and debris that may fall on the truss and rafters after a re-roofing of a facility.

When dust is left in the ceiling and on the truss system, there can be problems after a containment is removed. We offer this removal of loose debris to protect our clients from secondary contamination caused by particles falling at a later time.

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