Many projects need to be completed in spaces where the employees or inhabitants also need to be. With our temporary walls and partitions, we have the ability to create a protective barrier between your work and the required space on the other side. Whether you need walls for a renovation project or to create a temporary room, We Pro Tec has the solution.

These cost-effective options do not require any additional support structures, saving you money on both labor and project expenses. With our strong and durable design, your property will remain protected in all types of environments. Set up these temporary walls wherever you need — from open floors to tight spaces, we can offer a solution that works.

We Pro Tec has proudly served companies across America as they seek to reach safer and cleaner construction standards. No matter where your company is located, it would be our pleasure to come to your job site and set up all necessary protections. For a versatile approach to your construction site, reach out to our team. We look forward to customizing a solution for your upcoming projects.