Protect your construction project from the weather and UV rays by choosing commercial shrink wrap services from We Pro Tec. We offer drum-tight, weather-resistant containment for both concrete and steel structures. With proper protection, we help you and your crew work quickly as you progress toward job completion.

Commercial shrink wrap is not only the most effective means of protection, but it is also extremely cost-effective. After paying the price of tarps blowing in the wind, accidental tears, labor, materials, heat loss, and downtime, you’ll see that shrink wrap is the way to go. We have the ability to protect structures that have either been damaged or are under construction. Whatever your coverage needs may be, it would be our pleasure to assist.

Reach out to We Pro Tec today for a free price estimate. Since 2011, we’ve provided clients in need with the best in protection and shrink wrap services. It’s our mission to make construction and repair work easier than ever. We look forward to working with you.

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