Building screens describes the use of shrink wrap sheeting to encapsulate a building or construction project where there is no scaffolding structure to attach to.

Why consider a shrink wrap building screen?

  1. It minimizes delays & downtime.
  2. Minimize complaints.
  3. The building screen allows interior works to commence with privacy
  4. Dust will not move around the working areas and it remains dry
  5. The smooth white finish looks smart and professional.
  6. It fits ‘drum tight’, it is extremely resistant to high winds.

Using a WE PRO TEC’s temporary building screen can greatly reduce the problem of project overruns and associated costs. Customers will be happy with the use of the WE PRO TEC’s building screen which reduces complaints from the surrounding area neighbors that may complain to any related dust, noise the privacy of the screen can keep the project looking having a professional appearance.

A WE PRO TEC exterior building screen does not look like any other type of temporary sheeting. The smooth white finish looks smart and is very professional and because it fits ‘drum tight’, and is extremely resistant to high winds.

The screen also offers a safer working environment by sealing the exterior of the building as it is erected floor by floor, a safer work environment is created for all on site workers and visitors.