Welcome to the WE PRO TEC blog! Here, we will be posting helpful information and tips about dust containment, debris removal, construction clean up, and many other aspects of the industry. As the Top Rated Local® dust containment and debris removal company based in Tamarac, FL, we are proud to serve construction sites across the U.S. and are renowned for our superior work. But before we get into all the services we provide, here is a little more information about us!

Who We Are

WE PRO TEC is the leading construction dust control and construction cleanup company serving job sites and corporate businesses across the country. But what really makes us unique is that we are a Certified Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business Enterprise that is constantly redefining the industry with innovative techniques, the latest technology, and skilled workmanship that is unparalleled by that of any other dust containment company. For us, every job is unique and poses opportunities for growth so that we can keep being the best we can be when it comes to ensuring the success of corporate construction.

When you choose WE PRO TEC for your dust containment, interior protection, and post-construction cleaning needs, you have a team of industry professionals who are genuinely dedicated to the success of your project. Our team understands how much is at stake when building a new facility, retail space, or office building, and we do everything we can to make sure the project runs smoothly. So what exactly does this entail?

What We Do

At WE PRO TEC, our team is experienced and trained to uphold safety practices and procedures in everything they do, from shrink wrapping buildings and scaffolding to installing dust barriers and construction netting on job sites. Safety and interior protection are key for a successful construction project, given that the state of the environment greatly determines the safety of the tradesmen and the integrity of the new construction space. That being said, here are some of the services we provide as the preferred dust containment and post-construction cleaning company in the U.S.

Dust Containment

At WE PRO TEC, dust suppression and containment is a major part of what we do. Any construction company knows the importance of maintaining a safe environment that does not pose health risks to the tradesmen involved, and dust containment is essential for ensuring that OSHA workplace safety standards are met on construction jobsites. Not only do professional dust containment services ensure that the site does not become excessively dirty, but it also reduces the risk of airborne bacteria, such as aspergillus and asbestos, being inhaled by workers, leaving them sick and potentially filing a lawsuit against their employer. To help construction companies avoid this, our team installs state-of-the art dust control systems on any type and size construction site.

Interior Protection

Interior protection is also critical for the success of commercial construction projects, as major renovations and remodels often take place near functioning parts of the business. Take food service and pharmaceutical companies, for example. If one section of an office or restaurant is being remodeled and other parts are being left as is, the products, prescriptions, and/or ingredients housed in the functioning space must be covered so they aren’t coated with dust and debris during construction. This speaks to the quality and professionalism of the construction crew as well — your company will leave a lasting impression of excellence if the project was completed with minimal interference to the rest of the commercial space.

Full Room And High Structure Cleaning

If ceilings are involved in a remodeling or new construction project, high structure cleaning services are required to ensure that any dirt, dust, and debris is periodically removed from these hard-to-reach areas. This is especially true for construction projects that involve suspended ceilings, as airborne contaminants can degrade the integrity of pipes, beams, ductwork, and other critical elements if neglected. Full room and high structure cleaning services also reduce the risk of airborne contaminants infecting construction workers and future building inhabitants, making this an essential component of during-construction and post-construction cleaning.

Dust Barrier Installation And Fusion Of Temporary Walls

Temporary walls and plastic wall systems are critical for ensuring that construction debris, dust, and airborne contaminants do not seep outside the job site and into the surrounding areas. The last thing you want is for health code violations to interfere with the progress of your construction project, and taking the time to arrange for temporary walls, barricades, and construction dust barriers to be installed onsite can save you lots of trouble down the road.

Building Wrapping

Renovations and new building projects that leave the jobsite exposed to the elements require a durable building wrapping to preserve the integrity of the framing, flooring, trusses, and other internal elements during construction. Keeping moisture out of the vicinity is one of the top priorities during commercial construction projects, which is why dust containment professionals like ours use the best quality building wrap on the market when we prep job sites for construction.

Roof Deck Shrink Wrapping

Much like building wrapping, roof deck shrink wrapping is crucial for keeping rain, snow, and other elements out of the construction site. However, the main difference is that roof deck shrink wrap acts as a temporary barrier until the roof is ready to be installed. This allows commercial construction companies to stay on pace and continue working on internal aspects of construction even if the roof is not complete, which can be added at a later, more convenient time.

Scaffolding Containment

All commercial construction job sites require scaffolding containment in order to ensure that the tradesmen involved are protected from high winds, rain, and other elements that put them at risk of injury. Anyone who has worked on a commercial construction site knows how high up the scaffolding stands and how devastating it would be if a crew member were to fall from it. That being said, having a reputable dust containment and building wrapping company like WE PRO TEC install scaffolding containment is essential for workplace safety and fewer liabilities.

Environmental Containment And Construction Clean Up

At the end of the day, the best construction companies leave their job sites in better shape than they found them — inside and out. Not only does this mean blocking off the job site from the surrounding properties so debris and contaminants don’t spread, but also cleaning up trash and discarded materials at the end of every day. At WE PRO TEC, our team has years of experience cleaning up commercial construction sites and ensuring that they are properly sealed so the surrounding environment is not negatively impacted.

Choose WE PRO TEC For Your Dust Containment Needs

Looking to secure your job site with building wrapping, post-construction cleaning, and dust containment services? Contact WE PRO TEC today to get a custom quote! We are proud to serve construction companies all over the U.S. and look forward to keeping your job site safe and secure.